Please be patient. Our art gallery will be available as soon as we begin painting again. Due to COVID-19 and a delay in our fundraising, we may not resume painting during Nov. 2020 - FEB 2021. Please subscribe to our emailing list so we can give you updates about our resume date, and our first KICKSTARTER LAUNCH.

Why Us

Multiple Locations

We have plans to paint every city with smirks. One city at a time, street by street, we're making an impact. Each painting is filled with the creative 

Affordable Prices

The SMIRK Tour is currently a volunteer program. It is a personal test for artist to pursue their passion, and a soft entry into the professional world as artists build portfolios and change the world.

Easy to Find

The SMIRK Tour is as easy to reach and speak with as an old friend. We treat our contact form like a 'text-thread.' We're always waiting to hear from new artist, interested art hunters and local organizations looking to join the SMIRK Tour

Group Variety

The essence of this program is that we are a collective of artists looking to make an impact. Our brand style is freedom and variety. We protect that freedom by partnering with so many different artists.