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There are three parts to really signing up for this scavenger hunt..

PART 1: Sign up and download our temporary app.

PART 2: Learn know how to 'tap the SMIRK'

PART 3: Getting credit for your art hunting.

PART 1: Sign up and download

  1. Click the 'download' button below to download our temporary app -Yes, it’s through Wix.

  2. Sign up for an account there

  3. Slide the menu bar to locate and tap ‘THE ART HUNT.’

  4. Request to join -you will be usually approved within 15 minutes.

  5. You are officially taking part in the SMIRK Tour Scavenger Hunt.

(Video explanation will be added soon)

PART 2: 'Tap the SMIRK'


  • Latest iPhones can ’TAP’ without an application.

  • Unlock Phone. Tap THE Smirk. Tap the link that pops up

  • Older iPhones: visit tap.io.tt on your browser

  • Download & open ’NFC Scanner App’

  • Tap ’Scan’ and Tap the Smirk


  • Head to Your Phone Settings

  •  Search for NFCn Feature Settings

  • Turn NFC feature on

  • With your Phone Unlocked you are ready to scan our cap.

Native Tapping

  1. Unlock phone.

  2. Tap the top of phone onto the center of the yellow SMIRK face on the SMIRK Tour plaque.

  3. Tap the link that pops up at the top area of your screen.


Via  NFC Scanning App


  1. Visit tap.io.tt

  2. Download & open ’NFC Scanner App’

  3. Tap ’Scan’ and Tap the Smirk

  4. Tap the link that pops up at the top area of your screen.


The QR code is also an option for phone’s without NFC capabilities.

  1. Open the camera app on your phone.

  2. Hover over the QR Code remaining as still as possible.

  3. Do not take a picture just move closer to the code, and a link will pop up.

  4. Tap the link that pops up at the top area of your screen.

(Video explanation will be added soon)

PART 3: Get Credit

  1. How to get credit for the art you found?

  2. Tap the SMIRK or scan the QR code and open the link.

  3. After opening the link and the webpage loads, you will see the art work, with a code and description of the artwork. Screenshot or save that code!!

  4. Open the Wix App and click the SMIRK Tour, locate and click ‘THE ART HUNT’

  5. Scroll to the bottom to and tap that message button next to SMIRK Tour.

  6. Attach either your screenshot or the typed code and tap send it directly to the SMIRK Tour team.

  7. Bam, you got credit and are one artwork closer to free stuff!!

(Video explanation will be added soon)


Dude it's a scavenger hunt but art -an art hunt

Imagine if I told you art museums just became an outdoor activity. Even more, street art just became a little more interactive.

The SMIRK Tour is more than a game, and it's more than 'hey look at that' for us. It's a new way of seeing art. It's a different way of interacting with the world. For us, the SMIRK Tour is a new way of life.

Word of Mouth

"I am so happy you guys are doing this. I really like seeing new stuff on my runs. Please come to my city.

Lauren Gillian

San Francisco | California

"I told my six year old about this project and he was blown away. He says you have to come paint his dad's (bait and tackle) store."

Donna Ronson

Gloucester | New Jersy

"I will definitely be supporting you guys. Keep it up and can't wait for the new app.

Tim Barrel

Philadelphia | Pennsylvania

"Like what?! You're gonna be the best thing since Pokemon Go. And I LOVE Pokemon Go!"

Samantha Ehritz

Seattle | Washington