Art just became a scavenger hunt -Faroos Omani 

Smirk Tour App - Coming Soon

The Pokemon Go miracle inspired creatives and adventurers around the world to go outside, search and 'catch em all.' We're doing the same thing with murals, but we added some perks. It's like an outdoor museum with prizes.

This street-art scavenger hunt is our gift to you explorers. Find them all and show us what it means to be a creative and an adventurer.

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Key Features

Version 6.221 (20.10.2023)

• The ultimate real world adventure.

• The only place selfies earn you free stuff.

• Explore and see the world like an artist, looking in place you didn't before, noticing beauty you overlooked.

• NFC & QR code enabled to scan artworks.

• GPS enabled to show artworks and discounts nearby.

• As an art collector, you can rack up discounts and privileges everyone will be jealous about.

• Submit your art for a chance to become of the Smirk Project Artist.

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