What is the smirk tour?

The SMIRK Tour is an interactive outdoor scavenger hunt.

  • The fun part is that it's a scavenger hunt for art -like murals and even statues.

  • We're  large community of local-artists working together to paint murals all over the city of Philadelphia -the murals* are the findings for this #ArtHunt. 

  • We attach a 'SMIRK Tour Plaque' to each mural that is embedded with NFC capabilities and a QR code that reacts to your phone and takes to a secret link.

  • Within our app, you can keep track of your murals and gain credit for free stuff -like merchandise and gift cards to local restaurants.

Click the button to download our temporary app -Yes, it’s through Wix.



Dude it's a scavenger hunt but art -an art hunt

Imagine if I told you art museums just became an outdoor activity. Even more, street art just became a little more interactive.

The SMIRK Tour is more than a game, and it's more than 'hey look at that' for us. It's a new way of seeing art. It's a different way of interacting with the world. For us, the SMIRK Tour is a new way of life.

Word of Mouth

"I am so happy somebody is finally doing this. Please include me when you start the art hunt my city!!"

Lauren Gillian

San Francisco | USA

"This is probably going to be the new Pokemon Go. As a runner, I'm always looking for a way to mix it up."

Ben Ronson

Seattle | Washington

"I'm happy artist can submit their work -even if their too far to come paint it. I hope that I win one of the submission rounds."

Donna Tzuker

Hamburg | Germany

"I showed my son and he nearly teared up. He said we have to get those guys to paint our (fish and tackle) shop -it would be super cool"

Morgan Mueen

Pennsylvania | USA